"Every time I talk to Nathalie, she boosts me up and it makes sense. Even though I do not always see it, it happens. What surprised me most is that she knows before I do... and that she is right! I could talk to her everyday"

Catherine, Michigan

"I was very skeptical. I did not know what to expect. I would describe the session as heart wrenching, very enlightening, hard to deal with the truth but very good. What surprised me most is that she (Nathalie) knew how broken my heart was..."

Jan, Arizona

"When I first heard of this I was skeptical about scheduling a session and was not sure if I wanted to go through with it. Everybody has areas of their life that they are not sure about and during the session Nathalie spoke about those areas pertaining to me; it was like she was confirming my own feelings. Nathalie made me feel at ease during the session and gave me several items to work on which we will discuss during my next session"

John, Los Angeles

"This session was not what I expected! I was surprised and delighted! From the moment Nathalie began to read I realized I was sitting in the presence of a very pure being. She was able to receive from a very high source, which, from my experience, means that she, has dramatically cleared the human ego and operates from the Divine. I was able to completely relax and trust what she was saying.. I would this session very strong, very powerful, yet very loving. What surpised me the most was that she told me what I needed to hear….not what I wanted to hear. Each clairvoyant, psychic, etc., has his or her own individual gift(s). Nathalie's is pure, powerful and, at the same time, very loving. She stayed completely focused on what I needed to hear, what I needed to do to move forward and how to do that. Walking away, I felt completely ‘on purpose'. I called my sister after the reading and she is flying down for a reading! Thank you, Nathalie, for your honesty, purity and compassion. I felt honored to be in your presence. Thank you!"

Jacqui, California

"I was nervous. The session was life changing, it gave me a new perspective on life. I would recommend it to everyone"

Pat, Arizona

"I honestly had no expectations about the session, I was curious more than anything to be opened up to areas of my life that have been troubling me without my knowledge. Bringing those issues to the forefront,so that I can attempt to deal with them in a productive manner. It was very relaxing being there, when I figured out to just listen and not interrupt, it went much smoother, and the points that were stressed on the most were very enlightening. It is a learning experience all about yourself that even you can't teach yourself. The session enables you to view yourself from a kind of third eye. Giving you perspective on yourself that you can not see. The most surprising thing for me was hearing all the things that I have thought about in the past, but never brought to turn, or issues that have been on my mind and I have not really wanted to bring them to reality, with the help of the session I was able to see that the issues that I though were insignificant to me are really important after all. I would highly recommend this to others, but I do believe that as I have learned you have to be ready and willing to hear the information that is given to you. If the person is ready to change their life for the better then I would take everyone I know to have a session"

Heather, Chicago

"I was not sure what to expect about the session, but I did leave with “wow” thought in mind. The session was an eye opening experience to the things I knew in my heart but my mind wouldn't listen to. The amount of absolute detail that was given about me and my life. I came to the session not knowing what was going to happen. Nathalie opened up my mind and my heart to the reality of my world. The time she spent with me was an eye opening experience that has changed my life. I am working on many things in my life and doing it now with an open heart. My journey has just begun and I can not wait to develop into the person I am supposed to be. Thank you!"

Andrea, Orange County

"The session was a little bit more than I expected. I would describe it as powerful and interesting. I got a lot of information out of it. What surprised me the most was that Nathalie knows... She just knows. She knew things that other people did not know and things that I have been holding inside for years. She gets down to the core..and if you don't fix the core, you do not heal. I would definitely recommend people to do this type of reading. Everyone should try this at least once"

Dawn, Los Angeles

"Wow! To be honest, I was a little bit apprehensive before the session. I had a fear that there might be something to overwhelming or difficult to handle. The session gave me the information I needed to move forward. If I could have asked to hear one thing, it would have been exactly what Nathalie told me. It gave me more hopes than any session has ever given me".

Mary Lynn - Laguna Beach

"Yes the session is what I expected – if that is the right word. I am a believer in “guidance” and know that there are gifted individuals who are able to channel this guidance. What I wasn't expecting is someone as lovely and modest. Nathalie has the presence of an angel and I was very grateful that God appointed her to do this work for me and others. I was so comforted (not necessarily surprised) by the guides' confirmation that I was living my purpose. I was delighted by some of the humor that was shared. And I left Nathalie's with a renewed sense of commitment to my path. Since our session on 11.25.06, I have been meditating more, reading and studying more about the things in my life to help me to be more purposeful. I also appreciate Nathalie's intuitive knowledge to offer repeated, gentle reminders to me that she knew was imperative for me to remember and apply. She is an angel. I have already recommended Nathalie to a rather large, special circle of my best “believer” friends and if it weren't such a long waiting list, perhaps they would have called her by now. Tommie told me she is booked very far in advance. I know many people want help and guidance right at that moment. I did. I feel grateful that there was an opening. It was divinely guided timing for me. Tommie is a sparkling, dear soul who makes you feel so good about yourself and your upcoming experience with Nathalie. I sincerely appreciated talking with her and the way she cared about me. Thank you, Nathalie, for what you do for the children who need love and yes, financial support to heal. Using your gift of intuition to provide help to those less fortunate is inspiring. I feel very blessed to have met you"

Lynn, Orange County